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Katarina Crawford

Exhale and Dream


Wire, paint and apoxie sculpt

47 x 37 x 32cm and 37 x 40 x 27cm

Images courtesy of the artist

For artist, Katarina Crawford, sculpture is an avenue for self-exploration and a means to delve into the psychological realm. Through figurative pieces and a playful use of different materials and textures, such as stone, metal, wool, crystals, and sound-reactive fibre optics, her sculpture is rooted in traditional forms.

Since being academically trained in Fine Arts in France, her highlights include participating in group exhibitions, creating public art pieces, and receiving the Sculpture Award from the Royal Society of British Artists in 2023. As Katarina describes, “Through sculpture, I strive to unveil the depths of the human experience, embracing diverse materials and technological advances, with each piece and collaboration contributing to my ongoing journey as a sculptress and a human being”.

Katarina’s sculpture ‘Dark Horse Shining Bright’ is a 4.5 metre tall black horse made of wire and fibre optics that lights up in colours at night. It can be seen during the Art Trail 24hrs a day at Big Penny Social.

Venue 7: Big Penny Social, 1 Priestly Way, E17 6AL
24 hours


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