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The Yes! Art Fair was conceived as a direct response to current challenges in the creative sector. Our belief is that meaningful conversations and personal connections between artists and their audiences are crucial for building relationships that can lead to sales and ongoing support. By bringing art into a physical space where people can experience it firsthand, we aim to bridge the gap created by the increasingly virtual world.


Buyers and collectors can purchase artwork directly from artists, with a small 15% commission supporting the organisation of the fair. This approach allows artists to focus on their creative work while benefiting from Artillery’s logistical and promotional support. It is an entirely collaborative effort, drawing on our extensive experience of over 20 years in delivering artist labs, residencies, open houses and studio events.


Through these past events, we have learned that audiences value the chance to see the creative processes behind the artwork and hear the stories that inspire it. This personal connection is what makes the art experience truly special. In today's fast-paced world, people often feel too stretched for time to engage deeply, frequently opting to scroll through Instagram instead. By bringing together a curated selection of artists under one roof, including those supported by Artillery’s Creative Business Builder programme and long-time participants in our events, we aim to create a vibrant and accessible art fair that encourages in-person engagement.

The Yes! Art Fair promises to be an exciting and diverse showcase of talent, offering a special evening for art lovers to discover and purchase unique pieces. We are committed to growing this event and fostering a supportive, thriving local creative ecology. By connecting artists directly with their audiences, we hope to create lasting relationships and inspire a new wave of art enthusiasts.

Laura Kerry, Co-Director

“I know these artists are all seriously good, but when we put their works side by side to curate the space, it gave me goosebumps. The artwork looks incredible. I'm so grateful to them for trusting us to test this new idea to hopefully build on something big for the autumn or spring.”

Laura Kerry, Co-Director Artillery

Developing Yes! Art

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis, the art community has faced unprecedented challenges. Many artists have struggled to maintain their practice and reach their audiences, resulting in a significant impact on their livelihoods. Recognising this, Artillery secured funding to deliver targeted support for artists, leading to the creation of the Creative Business Builder Programme. This initiative aimed to equip artists with the skills, knowledge and confidence to navigate the evolving art market.


During the programme, several common themes emerged. Regardless of their experience and reputation, artists frequently reported experiencing imposter syndrome, difficulties in pricing their work appropriately, and challenges in connecting with their audiences. The shift towards a more virtual world exacerbated these issues, as the lack of in-person interactions made it harder for artwork to gain the visibility and emotional connection that often drives sales. Artists expressed the need for opportunities to engage directly with potential buyers and collectors, fostering relationships that could lead to meaningful sales and sustained support. In this process Artillery learnt more about the direction artists were hoping to take their work, and started to imagine and research Yes! Art as a new opportunity for artists to meet art buyers in East London. 

Yes! Art at William Morris Gallery Open Lates is a launch for a recurring Fair for East London that we look forward to growing with our creative network. 

Please get in touch if you want to join us and develop or support the project.


Thank you to our supporters, including Foundation for Future London, William Morris Gallery, Waltham Forest Council's Culture & Destinations Team

Produced by Artillery CIC
With thanks to Tony Blackmore and Johanna Melvin
Graphic Design by Studio April 

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