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Paul Tucker



Limited edition Giclee print

50 x 50cm framed

Image courtesy of the artist

Pau Tucker is a freelance photographer who, since studying at Bath Academy of Art, has worked extensively with galleries, artists and designers. Alongside his commercial work, he has developed a body of personal work that concerns the natural and urban landscape, often taking the viewer’s attention to the mundane or overlooked and bringing a powerful new resonance to the subject at hand.

For this years E17 Art Trail, Artillery invited Paul to collaborate with some of our artists and makers to create a series of images to reflect the more sustainable ways of working and those who combine traditional skills with modern techniques. The result was 'Creative Means', a series of eight images that we can see on the Art Trail's promotional materials including the London Underground posters, our foldable-map and our free digital guide hosted by Bloomberg Connects.

Paul continues to exhibit his work and is a member of Image17, a local photography collective.

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