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Lauren Little

Shadow of the self (working title)


Analogue collage

25 x 18cm.

Image courtesy of the artist

Lauren Little is a collage artist whose work explores fragmented portraiture with themes of resilience, overcoming hardship and adversity.

She graduated with a Batchelor of Fine Art and a Batchelor in Education from the University of Calgary in Canada and is currently a member of Black Horse Lane Art Studios. As a former University art lecturer and founder of the artist platform Dark Yellow Dot, Lauren combines her passion for art with a commitment to guiding and supporting others in their creative journeys. This commitment is demonstrated in the nine workshops she is giving during the first weekend of the E17 Art Trail at Crate Walthamstow.

For further details and to book:

Venue 77; Crate Walthamstow, 42 Selborne Walk, E17 7JR
Sat 1st, 12-8pm, Sun 2nd 12-6pm

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